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Moreno Valley Officer Rewarded

By Chester Wallace
Community Writer
2017-05-18 at 10:07:28


MORENO VALLEY>> The City of Moreno Valley Law Enforcement Appreciation Committee for Exceptional Lifesaving honored officer Jay Willner for his heroic efforts in saving a severely injured man from his horrific injuries. 

On September 11, 2016, a motorcyclist was involved in a major accident with a vehicle at Graham Street near Old Valley Drive, severing his leg.

Witnesses reported that the man was in dire need of life-saving measures.

Willner, who was not assigned to patrol at the time, learned of the accident, immediately grabbed his first aid equipment, and responded to the scene of the accident.

He located the injured man who had suffered a traumatic amputation and massive bleeding due to his injuries. Willner immediately applied a tourniquet to slow the bleeding and began treating the victim’s other injuries and shock.

While waiting for emergency medical personnel to arrive, Willner attempted to calm the victim.

Willner later stated that he had done nothing different than any other officer would have done under similar circumstances. However, the victim is alive today because of his heroic and effective actions. 

The medal for Lifesaving is awarded to department members or members of another law enforcement agency who personally perform acts that save human lives. To be considered, the person must have been prevented from dying at the time and place that the act or aid was performed.

Moreno Valley Police Officer Jay Willner was honored by the Law Enforcement Appreciation Committee for Exceptional Lifesaving for providing lifesaving medical aid to a motorcyclist critically injured in a traffic accident.

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