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Chino Valley Ranchers Recognized by Assembly Member Eloise Gomez-Reyes

By Dr.G (Dr Luis S González)
Community Writer
03/22/2023 at 03:23 PM

On Thursday, March 16, Chris Nichols and his mother Kathy Nichols from Chino Valley Ranchers, were formally recognized by Assembly Member Eloise Gomez-Reyes for their generous work in supporting the Immaculate Conception Church Dinner Hour Ministry.

The presentation was made by Maha Rizvi, a Representative from the office of Eloise Gomez-Reyes. On hand were Eloy Sanchez, Coordinator of the Dinner Hour Ministry, Father Max from Immaculate Conception Church, Dinner Hour Ministry leaders, and dozens of volunteers. The presentation was made onsite at Chino Valley Ranchers, located at 331 W Citrus Street in Colton.

For many years, Chris Nichols and his family, have operated Chino Valley Ranchers and have been a mainstay in North Colton creating an industrial giant within the City and the surrounding region. In 1959, in Arcadia, CA, the family began acquiring chickens and producing their own eggs. Charles, his wife Isabella, and their three sons, David, Steve, and Charles Jr. worked hard and used innovative methods to provide better care for their birds. One of these was taking the chickens out of the cages and placing nests directly on the floor, allowing the birds to walk around on their own. It marked the early beginnings of the “cage-free” approach to raising chickens, which has become standard in humane treatment within the industry. “From those early days right through the present day, we are- and have always been- proud to be cage-free,” says Chris Nichols, Senior Vice President.

Over the years, the family operation at Chino Valley Ranchers has continued to be successful. Today, Chris Nichols and his mother, Kathy, now Chief Financial Officer, are often busy heading this operation on a day-to-day basis. Their goal has been to offer the best in egg products, which in turn, are always available at our local grocery stores.

The purpose of this special presentation was to formally recognize the generous donation of eggs on a weekly basis to the Dinner Hour Program. Over the last year, the Chino Valley Ranchers have donated 33,300 eggs to support the program. Father Max explains, “This generous donation is the main part of our Dinner Hour Ministry, and without it, the program would not be the same.” 

Offering his appreciation, Eloy Sanchez also added, “Their donation of eggs on a weekly basis means a lot to people in need. People gather 3 hours early to be able to get this valuable food commodity.”

Every Wednesday at 9:30 am, the Dinner Hour Ministry Food Distribution opens for business to the hundreds of community residents who come by car, or on foot, to gather valuable food items to help feed their families for the week. Assembly Member Eloise Gomez-Reyes has been a champion for the Colton Community for many years, and given the opportunity, will take the time to recognize good volunteer work in the community. “This recognition is well-deserved,” commented Maha Rizvi.

When asked about their future plans, Chris commented, “We’ll continue to expand the product line of our company, as well as maintain our commitment to supporting local community organizations.”  In addition to the support of the Immaculate Church Dinner Hour Ministry, Chino Valley Ranchers has sponsored little league baseball, the City of Colton Birthday Celebration, and the Colton Firefighter’s pancake breakfast.

Congratulations to Christ Nichols, Kathy Nichols, and the entire staff at Chino Valley Ranchers for this recognition. May your business success and community outreach continue to be a driving force in our community.

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