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Expanded Undergraduate Pathways for SBCCD Transfer Students

By Anna P. Duff
Community Writer
08/15/2022 at 09:50 AM

The University of Redlands is proud to announce its newest collaboration with San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD) to expand undergraduate pathway program opportunities for admitted transfer students.

Known as the Redlands Promise, SBCCD students who transfer to the University of Redlands and who are eligible for Cal Grant A or B pay no tuition for their first year beginning in the 2022-23 academic year.

“Students often think that a private, personalized university education is unaffordable,” said University of Redlands President Krista Newkirk. “The Redlands Promise removes financial barriers for SBCCD students and highlights that a University of Redlands education is within their reach.”

To qualify, students must transfer from Crafton Hills College or San Bernardino Valley College and be eligible for Cal Grant A or B. SBCCD students who benefit from the Redlands Promise can expect to continue receiving grant funding at the level of their first year of tuition for all subsequent years of enrollment. In order to continue to qualify, students need to maintain full-time enrollment and continue to be eligible for the Cal Grant.

“This collaboration reinforces the strong partnership between SBCCD and the University of Redlands,” said San Bernardino Community College District Chancellor Diana Rodriguez. “The Redlands Promise also builds upon our shared commitment to providing a seamless pathway to our students to further their education.”

Kevin Dyerly, University of Redlands vice president of finance added, “The Redlands Promise articulates the real value of a Redlands education, given the University’s affordability coupled with student opportunities, such as study away, student outcomes, high employment rates post-graduation, a high alumni satisfaction rate, and honors such as Fulbright awards.”


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