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Grand Terrace Titans Wrestling Team Has Another Successful Season

By Victoria Talabong
GTHS Wrestling Girls Team Captain, Head Manager, and League Champion
03/15/2023 at 04:16 PM

The Grand Terrace Wrestling Team once again completed a successful 2022-2023 season with many victories in their name. Time and time again, the San Andres League was conquered by the Titan Wrestling Team.

The Titans went undefeated in the league with a 5-0 record and brought home the title of San Andres League Champions at their last dual meet against Eisenhower High School. Along with winning the team league champions, astounding wrestlers on the team took home Individual League Titles on Thursday, February 10th at Rim of the World HS. They are as follows: 

Girls 106 Michelle Zavalo

Boys 113 Team Captain Micah Mailo (Masters Qualifer)

Girls 116 Team Captain Victoria Talabong

Boys 120 Jesus Vargas

Girls 121 Samantha Carpenter

Boys 126 Team Captain Jesse Rodriguez

Girls 137 Marissa Soria

Girls 160 Lillyana Taylor

Boys 170 John Swerdfeger

Boys 182 Benjamin Padilla

The team's achievements didn't come out of thin air, the program was led by Head Coach Vincent Rodriguez, and assistant Coaches, Matthew Ruelas, Marissa Gonzalez, Jimmy Rodriguez, and Synthia Rodriguez. A special shout-out to Coach Vince's wife, Jessica Rodriguez, for her immense support for the team by being at every dual meet and tournament. 

Thank you to all those who sponsored the Titan Wrestling Team, especially Juice it Up! Colton, and Grocery outlet in Grand Terrace for their generous donations. 

Coach Vincent would like to congratulate his team for a dominating performance this year. "Words can't express how happy and proud I am for the team. It was their first full season and my first full season as a head coach. These wrestlers made it look easy but it's through their hard work that they captured win after win. I pushed them to their physical and mental breaking points and they took it on the chin. Special Shout out to our team managers, especially Victoria Talabong, for helping out and supporting the wrestlers behind the scenes at tournaments and dual meets. I am a very blessed and humbled by these amazing young men and women" -Vincent Rodriguez

The team was made up of many first-year wrestlers, and even then they blended perfectly with those who had more experience. This family grew in many ways and everything they worked so hard for paid off in the end. 

“Wrestling taught me how to work harder than most, self-discipline, self-defense, and to succeed” -Benjamin Padilla 

"This team is something else, everyone worked towards one goal and was able to accomplish it together. Wrestling isn't an easy sport in any aspect, so becoming League Champs as a team was rewarding." -Girls Captain Victoria Talabong 

"My experience was much hard work. Being on the team has been like being a part of a large family. The entire team is there for you and shows you endless love and support." -Marissa Soria 

"No matter the blood sweat and tears that come out of our room the discipline my coaches teach makes me come back even after the season. The sport itself brings out the endurance a human can really take I’ve seen even our best guys puke but no matter how long we do it and how much troubles we go through we all have a love for the sport." -Joshua Wangko

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