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Loud Burger

By Claudia Cecilia
Staff Writer
05/24/2023 at 04:32 PM

Thom Neville and partner, Chris Watkins, opened Loud Burger almost two years ago now, with the hopes of giving the City of Grand Terrace another place to enjoy great food, good service, and a place for family and friends to gather and celebrate. “We live here in the community, both of us,” said Neville. “There’s this community that runs very deep and goes all the way through Grand Terrace, Colton, and the families all stay together.”

As a resident for over 20 years, Neville knew that the City of Grand Terrace would be just the spot to have Loud Burger flourish. “We knew that the community would support us,” assured Neville.

Loud Burger’s extensive menu includes an array of items from burgers, to hot dogs, and specialty drinks, all with the care and quality of Neville’s guarantee. “We make homemade sauces and we cut our lettuce, and tomatoes fresh every day, by hand.” The team at Loud Burger follows the philosophy implemented by Neville, “if it doesn't look good, or if you're questioning it, make a new one. We want to make good, great quality, food to give to our customers.”

Outside of giving the community a place to gather, the team at Loud Burger hopes to give back to the community as much as possible.

“We just had a fundraiser for the Grand Terrace Varsity Volleyball team,” said Neville. “The girls came in and we gave them our burger shirts and a little bit of training, let them make milkshakes and hand out the bags to the customers and they had a good time.” Twenty percent of that day’s proceeds went to the school’s program. “We also have done that with Terrace View, Grand Terrace Elementary, our local club soccer teams, and baseball teams,” Neville said proudly.

When asked how fundraising has impacted the crew at Loud Burger, Neville answered, “They get involved too and they like it, they get happy helping people out and seeing the smiles on our customer’s faces. They get to see what giving back is like and to support the community around us. It’s a great thing.”

Loud Burger as of right now is just take-out, but has plans to expand soon to be the ultimate dining experience, “The vision is to be a place you can come and enjoy yourselves, have great food, good entertainment whether it be music or sports on the TV, and being able to see people that you know, all the time, and just make it a friendly environment- kind of like Cheers.”  

Neville spoke more on what’s to come for Loud Burger, “We'll have a full bar, TVs and we'll be open later on weekends to try to feature some local bands, a DJ, or even a piano. We will be adding wings because you can’t have a bar without wings and my mother's version of the Vietnamese egg rolls.” Loud Burger hopes to be able to add these new additions for its customers by September of this year.

“Come and check out our fresh food,” said Neville. “Everything is made to order fresh!”


You can find Loud Burger at 22497 Barton Rd, Grand Terrace, CA 92313. And you can follow the team and their upcoming events on Facebook at, and Instagram @tryloudburger.