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Louis Robidoux Parkland and Pecan Grove Reopens

By Anna P. Duff
Local Writer
11/04/2022 at 05:12 PM

Following its untimely destruction during 2019’s “46 Fire,” all was quiet at the Louis Robidoux Parkland & Pecan Grove (LRPPG), formerly known as the Louis Robidoux Nature Center. Recent site improvements completed by the LRPPG Consortium, a collection of five local agencies dedicated to maintaining and reopening the property, laid crumbled in a heap of ash and debris. Neighbors, many of whom had spent significant time at LRPPG since its establishment in 1970, wondered if they would ever see the park restored or even open again. 

“The process of reopening was daunting at first but all five site partners were fully committed to moving forward with it,” says Mandy Parkes, District Manager of the Inland Empire Resource Conservation District (IERCD). “In addition to our collective push to reestablish site function and value, both the surrounding community and property owner, the Riverside County Regional Park and Open Space District, have been wonderful and beyond supportive.”  The IERCD, a local government agency and one-fifth of the LRPPG Consortium, is leading the renovation of fencing, signage, utility reestablishment, and overall habitat functions. The additional four LRPPG partners including the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, the Orange County Water District, Huerta del Valle, and Sunshine Haven Wildlife Rehab are focused on advancing sitewide water reestablishment, major improvements to the adjacent Sunnyslope Creek, and site security.  While progress has been hindered by challenges, the five partners have continued to rally for the re-establishment of this community gem.

The effort has paid off. On Saturday, October 15th, the LRPPG Consortium was able to host the first-ever LRPPG “Stewardship Day,” an event dedicated to showcasing the five partners’ collective efforts across the site. Guests were able to participate in site tours led by site botanists, visit the pollinator garden, take home free merchandise featuring the Parkland’s new logo, and interact with the Consortium as well as an assortment of other local organizations, including the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center. “It’s still a work in progress,” says Parkes, “but we are excited to let the community know that we’re still here, we’re still working, and we look forward to collaborating on ongoing work with the surrounding community and partner agencies.” One major opportunity to get involved in this work is beginning in November of 2022 when the LRPPG Master Plan process is set to kick off.  Over the next 12 months, partners and community members will work to set direction and timeline for the next 25 years of site improvements and priorities. 


Families who missed Stewardship Day need not worry: the Consortium is planning a series of small events and workshops on the property to continue outreach. The next event is scheduled for January 2023. The Parkland & Pecan Grove is also now open daily for passive recreation from sunrise to sunset. Visit to learn more.