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Loving and Lifting Each Other Up At The Allen Community Chapel

By Denielle Mitchell
Staff Writer
03/22/2023 at 03:24 PM

On March 19th, 2023, God began a new thing. Allen Community Chapel, of Colton California, held its first-ever congregation as a family. With over 100 attendees, multicultural people from all walks of life gathered in the church to celebrate this new wave for the community. The grand opening service went off without a hitch. Opening the gathering, there were complimentary tacos, pastries & refreshments.

Senior Pastor Reverend Rethis Murry and his First Lady Eva Hoffman-Murry welcomed everyone into the chapel for the services to begin.  The congregation filled the pews in minutes and celebrations, thank yous, and acknowledgments were shared. The building was beaming with support for the new church.

Following the acknowledgments, the Minister of Liturgical Dance came out to perform two beautiful, heartfelt dances. DarNisha Stephens, the leader of the group, left her heart and soul on the stage and it moved the entire congregation.

Reverend Rethis Murry shared, “I would like to extend a special thank you to the following: Andrea Woods, Al Hargrove, Javier Flores Jr, Laurie Hoffman, Reggie Hoffman, and Dr. Swayne Cofield.”

There were several special guest attendees. Among the guests was Reverend Dr. Cecil Murry, formerly the pastor of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles, who just celebrated his mile-stone 93rd birthday. Dr. Cecil Murry was also the former John R. Tansey Chair of Christian Ethics at the University of Southern California. The Rev. Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray retired from USC in 2022.

The message was held by special guest tag team preachers, Reverend Demiko Fitzgerald the Senior Pastor from the City of David out of Los Angeles, and Reverend Dr. Dwaine Jackson Senior Pastor of Bryant Temple Ame Church out of Los Angeles.

“This new wave for the community is exactly what we need in our world today. We need to come together and not be divided. We don’t see color here. We see you. We see one God and one purpose in life. That is to love each other and lift each other up,” exclaimed the Senior Pastor Reverend Rethis Murry.  “My vision for the church is all about the Colton community. I am working closely with the support from the clergy to form a team to be a pivotal part of outreach. I want to open up the church to support and educate first-time home buyers, childcare centers for the hospital staff, coffee with officers and so much more. When people think of Colton, I want them to think of ACC, Allen Community Chapel.”

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