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“Miss Colton” Beauty Pageant Orientation, An Intimate Affair That Launches The Start Of Your Pageantry Commission

By Christina Romero
Community Author
05/24/2023 at 04:31 PM

Beauty pageants live on, even through antiquity; they evolve through our communities' children’s children. The "Miss Colton" Pageant Orientation was hosted on May 17th at the Nickelodeon Pizza Restaurant. This event is a long-standing tradition in the community and is known for being a prestigious scholarship competition where finalists win $1,000. At the event, participants were allowed to showcase their unique personal style, make an excellent first impression, and have a private conversation with Director Erlinda and the pageantry sisters. This provided a chance for attendees to have meaningful interactions.

The official application, necessary paperwork, and a detailed itinerary outlining the following steps, style advice, and upcoming attendance participation were distributed. Contestants in the pageant may find it beneficial to receive support from businesses in the area to help with the expenses related to the competition. These endorsements serve as a declaration of traditional support. The Rotary kindly requests sponsors to accompany their sponsored queens as they make their way onto the stage during the pageant. Your presence is greatly appreciated and adds extra support for your queen. “All queens have to do is bring their competition attire,” says the Rotary Clubs Director Erlinda Armendariz.  

June 10th is Pageant Day for “Teen,” ages 15 – 17, and “Miss Colton,” ages 18 – 25, with “Little Miss Colton” crowning five queens, ages 2 – 14, being held in September 2023. The Coronation Ceremony will be at Colton High School’s Dr. Whitmer Auditorium.

The Rotary organizers, President Rosa Dominquez and Director Erlinda Armendariz promote positive pageantry competitiveness and foster respectful sportsmanship, allowing contestants to share their successes and represent their uniqueness.

What are the benefits of being crowned "Miss Colton" or "Little Miss Colton"? With many good internal benefits, the Rotary organization creates safe and empowering spaces for its queens to explore identity and learn independence. The organization supports female adolescents in cultivating their strengths, public speaking skills, confidence, networking through social engagements, improving community spaces with participation, etc.     

After speaking with many queens, they responded similarly; they “didn’t think they were going to win.” My advice is don’t become entangled with the comparison mind game; stay focused on yourself, the goals you want to achieve, and the overarching opportunities to come! For more information, refer to the Rotary’s Facebook page.

Best Wishes!