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Old-Fashioned Pizza Party for Dr. G’s Birthday

By Christina Romero
Community Writer
03/08/2023 at 03:31 PM

Last week, an energetic group of friends and family gathered at Pizzadilly Restaurant for the celebration of Dr. G’s 67th birthday. From the moment the guests arrived to the last slice of birthday cake, these loyal friends and supporters wasted no time in sharing the moment of fun, food, and fellowship.

This is not the first time the G-Team faithful had come together for a Dr. G celebration event. Over the last several years, these events have not only grown in size, but have become part of the special day culture that compliments holidays, birthdays, and various other celebrations. Of course, Dr. G is usually the host and welcomes his guests in costume. This birthday event was no exception as Dr. G wore a red, white, and black Dr. Seuss-style costume, including a colorful top hat, which was perfect for the occasion. Everyone who attended stepped up to the podium to take animated pictures with Dr.G, and all the photos were posted on his Facebook page @ DrG-.

The gathering was short and sweet and lasted about one hour. “That’s typical for a Dr. G event,” says Rosanne Reyes, who explained, ”Dr. G was a high school teacher, so one-hour events and meetings are common.”  Cynthia Velasquez, who helped with the planning added, “He always starts on time and ends on time.”

Over 40 people attended, and several jumped in to help make the event go smoothly. Cynthia Velasquez brought the cake, Anthony Velasquez took pictures, Belen Cordero ordered the pizza, Christina Romero helped with serving, and Christine Irish-Re and Linda Hanson both gave speeches.

For those who know Dr. G, which are many in the community, know that he maintains close contact with the residents. He is available, is always willing to help as much as possible, and is willing to “roll up his sleeves.” These costume appearances are just another way Dr. G reaches out to the community. Children love it, and parents enjoy a “Colton Smile.” Everyone always wants to take a picture. Congratulations to Dr. G on his 67th birthday celebration. May he be blessed with many more active years to come, and may his service to the community continue to be a blessing to all those with whom he comes into contact.

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