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Red Nose Docs Program Officially Launches

By Sheann Brandon
Management Resident, Public Relations
2019-09-06 at 11:30:01

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital celebrated the launch of the Red Nose Docs program and its recent partnership with Healthy Humor Inc. (HH) and Moose Toys on Tuesday, August 27th, a partnership that provides yet another tool to help patients in their healing process. 

Healthy Humor is a national nonprofit arts organization which, through their Red Nose Docs, uses the magic of theater and circus skills to reintroduce play as a welcome distraction for pediatric patients. Australian toy company, Moose Toys, partnered with HH to bring healthcare clowning to Children’s Hospital, and the Red Nose Docs will be rounding on various units twice a week to visit patients. 

The celebration brought a welcome distraction for both inpatients and outpatients at the hospital with refreshments and various activities led by the Red Nose Docs, including juggling, plate spinning, tricks and crafts. 

Belinda Gruebner, executive vice president of global marketing for Moose Toys, said the partnership between organizations would continue reaching the heart of Moose’s mission. “Our goal at the end of the day is to make kids ‘Superhappy’ — the work our Red Nose Docs do here and in other hospitals is incredible,” Gruebner said. 

Deborah Kaufmann, HH’s co-founder and director of training and education, said she’s excited to see the program in action at Children’s Hospital. “We are so thankful to everyone on the staff who has welcomed us here,” Kaufmann said. “We hope to be caring for, laughing with and comforting children here at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital for a long time.”

Healthy Humor (HH) is a national, 501(c) nonprofit arts organization whose professional performers create moments of joy, wonder, laughter and comfort for hospitalized children and all others who are most in need. We strive for a world transformed by humor, joy and the power of human connection – a world less burdened by pain and fear.

Healthy Humor’s flagship program, Red Nose Docs, offers the magic of healthcare clowns to help alleviate the stress of a hospital stay for young patients and their circle of caregivers. Using an array of circus and theater skills, professional, specially-trained performers work in teams of two to create spontaneous, joyful encounters, reintroducing play and fun as natural parts of life. HH employs more than 70 performers serving more than 600,000 children and families each year in 15 pediatric facilities across the country. 

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