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Your Local Three Bees Boutique

By Sarah Wells
Community Writer
03/15/2023 at 04:18 PM

Three Bees Boutique, a local vintage shop, is owned by Lisa Pankulics-Green.

Just recently, Pankulics-Green was a featured speaker at the Grand Terrace Chamber of Commerce Mixer where she shared her background and her vision to serve the community.

She shared, “the name of our store is Three Bee’s Boutique, and it's after my three boys Blake, Brock, and Brody.”

Once in the mortgage industry, Pankulics-Green picked up the hobby of flipping furniture and turning it into something new. “I was just feeling this void in my life and was really stressed out. So, I started buying furniture and like the trend, everybody was flipping furniture and painting, and I was having a good time with that,” said Pankulics-Green.

Pankulics- Green continued, “One day I was in my backyard sanding some furniture and my neighbor hollered over and was like ‘Lisa, New to You is for sale!’ And I thought Oh gosh, I never thought of buying a thrift store. So I went over and talked to the owner and put in an offer on a crazy whim. She accepted it right away.”

Pankulics-Green shared more of her experience owning the shop, “It’s almost been a year and a half of owning the business and turning it into what my vision is, to be the business owner who brings small business into the facility that might not have the opportunity to do that. In our store, we have several different vendors that have their own business plans. So, trying to bring more community come in and bring more unique items to the community… Having this store is a blessing.”

A passion project that Pankulics-Green shared was in tribute to her mother, “My mom passed away from breast cancer and it’s been 13 years just a couple of days ago of her death. In honor of my mom, I did a hutch, and I painted this hutch. I partnered with Redesign With Prima, it’s a company that does all the transfers and stuff for flipping furniture. So I made this piece, it’s a survivor, breast cancer piece, and what I am trying to do is donate the piece and try to auction it off and then have that money that we get from the auction piece go towards cancer… There are different places to give for breast cancer, but I want to make sure that the money goes somewhere local.”

As a strong, affluent participating member of the community, Pankulics-Green shared what her goal is for her store within the community, “My biggest thing for the community is to give a place to make crafts. We are trying to build where we have craft classes, whether it's painting furniture, having craft kits for kids, making a wreath, or even learning how to knit, sew, or quilt. We just want to be an outlet and have this be a community hub,” said Pankulics-Green.

Pankulics-Green continued, “And if you have been in lately, we have a little library. There are a lot of people that come in and will actually sit and take a moment to go through the books that we have for sale, and just sit there and read. We have a table in there so that if the parents are there shopping, the kids could sit there and color or do Legos. It’s just about family and having that family place in the city.”

Pankulics-Green gushed, “I am excited. We have new vendors coming in and it's exciting because it’s more and more smaller business owners within our store. We have all kinds of items in there, from old to new, vintage, and antique. It’s a little bit of everything for everybody. If you have things to donate, bring them, we take donations.”

Pankulics-Green concludes, “Come on in and say hi. If you don’t see me just yell out Marco. If you yell out Marco, I’ll say polo, and you’ll find me in the back.”

As a chamber member, and participating in community events, Pankulics-Green has started out with a firm commitment to provide outstanding service and to make an impact in the community.

Three Bees Boutique is located at 22400 Barton Rd. Ste #3, Grand Terrace, CA 92313. For more information, call the store at (909) 824-0220.

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